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Foot and Ankle Surgery in Parker, Colorado

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What Is Foot And Ankle Surgery?

Many foot and ankle problems can be treated conservatively with noninvasive options like physical therapy, rest, and bracing. But sometimes, surgery is necessary to restore the damaged area and improve your mobility and function. Kevin Blue, DPM, FACFAS, Ryan Muchowski, DPM, and the team are well-versed in performing foot and ankle surgery. They provide preop evaluations in patients at Colorado Foot + Ankle Sports Medicine, located in Parker, Colorado, and consider their individual needs so they can recommend the optimal approach to help them heal and recover as quickly as possible.

What Should I Expect With Foot And Ankle Surgery?

After attempting more conservative approaches, surgery may be recommended. To help determine if surgery is the right choice, your provider will perform an evaluation and may request some tests, such as x-rays or other diagnostic imaging. Most foot and ankle surgery is performed arthroscopically. Arthroscopic surgery is minimally invasive, resulting in less tissue damage and allowing for a faster recovery time. Because arthroscopic surgery is less invasive, you will have less pain and will be able to return to your usual routine much faster than traditional surgery. Your procedure and personal recovery will depend on the type of surgery you are having. Some surgeries require overnight stays while others can be performed as an outpatient procedure, allowing you to return home on the same day. You will receive specific information regarding your surgery, expectations, and aftercare instructions from your provider during your consultation.

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If you are dealing with pain and discomfort from foot and ankle issues, such as arthritis, congenital deformities, or a traumatic injury, and conservative methods aren’t working, we can help. Dr. Kevin Blue, Dr. Ryan Muchowski, and Dr. William Farrett are proud to offer advanced surgery to correct your foot and ankle issues and help you get that spring back in your step. Contact our Parker, Colorado office today to learn more about foot and ankle surgery or to schedule your initial consultation to see if it may benefit you.

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When is foot and ankle surgery performed?

Foot and ankle surgery is performed only when more conservative treatment options have been attempted and have failed to provide you with long-term relief for pain and other symptoms, or in cases where your injuries are too severe or too complex for conservative approaches to be considered in the first place (such as a complex fracture). Prior to surgery, you’ll have X-rays and sometimes other diagnostic imaging exams to help Dr. Blue determine if surgery is the best option for you and to help plan the surgery if needed.

What types of foot and ankle surgery does Dr. Blue perform?

The podiatry team at Colorado Foot + Ankle Sports Medicine has specialized training in reconstruction procedures for the feet and ankles, including surgery to repair damage from:

• Traumatic injuries

• Sports injuries

• Congenital deformities

• Progressive diseases like arthritis

Plus, the team at Colorado Foot + Ankle Sports Medicine is skilled in performing surgery to correct an array of foot- and ankle-related conditions like:

• Bone spurs

• Hammer toes

• Tendon or ligament tears

• Joint damage

• Bunions

What is arthroscopic surgery?

Arthroscopic surgery is a type of minimally-invasive surgery that uses a special instrument called an arthroscope, which is equipped with a tiny camera. Once the arthroscope is inserted through a small incision, the camera takes real-time pictures and video of the injury site, transmitting the data back to a monitor. The surgeon views the monitor and guides the surgery using the images on the screen to place and manipulate surgical instruments.

Minimally invasive procedures like arthroscopic surgery are associated with less tissue damage, less bleeding, and faster recovery compared to traditional surgical approaches that rely on much larger incisions. Because less tissue is damaged during minimally invasive surgeries, patients also report far less discomfort and a much faster return to normal activities following their surgery.

What is recovery like after foot and ankle surgery?

Your recovery will depend on the type of surgery you’re having. Some types of surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis while others will require hospitalization for a day or two. In some cases, your physician may apply a cast, brace, or surgical boot to your foot following surgery to help stabilize the area and support optimal healing. Physical therapy will begin soon afterward to help you regain mobility and strength. Over time, you’ll gradually return to your regular activities.

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