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Flat Feet Deformities in Parker, Colorado

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What Are Flat Feet Deformities?

Flat foot pain affects millions of adults and kids in the United States, making simple activities like walking, hiking, or participating in sports and social activities very uncomfortable. Fortunately, Kevin Blue, DPM, FACFAS, Ryan Muchowski, DPM, and the team are skilled in diagnosing the cause of flat feet, recommending custom treatment options based on each patient’s unique needs and lifestyle demands to help relieve symptoms and prevent them from recurring. Treatment for flat foot pain in patients begins with a comprehensive evaluation using state-of-the-art techniques available at Colorado Foot + Ankle Sports Medicine in Parker, Colorado.

How Are Flat Feet Deformities Treated?

To begin treatment, Drs. Blue, Muchowski, and Farrett will start with a physical examination and discuss your health history. They will watch how you walk, stand, jump, and move. They will test the strength of your feet and move them in various directions. Diagnostic imaging, such as x-rays, may be requested to gain a clear image of your condition. After a thorough consultation, your provider will create a customized plan for your treatment. Your treatment plan may include custom orthotics, medications, physical therapy, or special exercises and stretches. Each treatment will be personalized to meet your unique needs. Foot surgery may be necessary if these conservative methods prove unsuccessful in relieving your discomfort or restoring your mobility.

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Restore Your Arch

Whether your arch didn’t develop properly or you are losing your arch due to the wear and tear of physical activity, Dr. Kevin Blue, Dr. Ryan Muchowski, and Dr. William Farrett are here to help. At Colorado Foot + Ankle Sports Medicine, we know how the pain and discomfort of flat foot deformities can interfere with your quality of life. Contact our office today to schedule an initial consultation, and find out how we can help eliminate your pain and restore your arch so you can enjoy life again.

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What are flat feet?

Flat feet is a condition that develops when the ligaments and other structures that support the midfoot region become weak or damaged or simply don’t develop normally during early childhood. When a person with flat feet stands up, the entire sole (or nearly the entire sole) touches the floor; by contrast, in a normal foot, the curved arch portion of the midfoot remains off the floor, providing critical support for the midfoot region as well as the ball of the foot and even the ankle.

The arch is important for maintaining flexibility in the feet and for helping to maintain balance when walking and standing.

What causes flat feet?

You can develop flat feet as you get older as a result of wear and tear from walking, running, hiking, and other activities that cause the supportive tendons, ligaments, and other tissues to weaken or become damaged. Flat feet can also develop as a result of injury or congenital defect, and they’re more common among people with:

• Diabetes

• Obesity

• Rheumatoid arthritis

What symptoms can flat feet cause?

The most common symptom is usually focused on the arch area but often extends along the entire bottom of the foot to the toe and heel areas. Many people experience significant discomfort along the inner edge of the foot, especially when standing.

Flat foot pain can be accompanied by other symptoms like tingling or burning sensations as inflammation in the area increases. Without proper treatment, many people with flat feet experience gait changes as they try to minimize their painful symptoms. These changes can result in pain and strain in the:

• Ankles

• Knees

• Lower back

How are flat feet treated?

Treatment for flat foot pain begins with a complete exam, sometimes accompanied by X-rays, to confirm a diagnosis and guide treatment. Once the diagnosis has been made, your Colorado Foot + Ankle Sports Medicine provider may:

• Recommend custom orthotics (special shoe inserts designed specifically for each patient) to provide support for the arch and entire foot

• Provide medications to relieve pain and reduce inflammation

• Prescribe special exercises and stretches to promote circulation and relieve inflammation

• Recommend physical therapy or ultrasound therapy to relieve pain and swelling

When these conservative options aren’t effective in providing long-term relief, Colorado Foot + Ankle Sports Medicine may recommend surgery to repair and restore your arch.

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